Innovation In Pet Care – Pet Monitoring And Feeding Device

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Have a check over our pets at home, keep them entertained and ensure that they have had their share of exercise for the day with the help of a monitoring device at home. To do this job easy, there are many pet cameras available. The surveillance devices which are available differ from the house cameras and the CCTV as it contains some extra features. Some of the other device to ensure your dog is fed on time includes an automatic dog treat dispenser. It is used for feeding and entertaining your dogs. Click Here to learn more about other devices and appliances that are used to maintain your dog in great shape.

How To Select The Best Pet Camera Available
Many think pet cameras and house cameras are similar in features. But in reality, it differs a lot. The quality of the video, sound, resolution, frames per second (fps), etc. plays an important role in contributing to the difference between pet and house cameras. We have to make sure that it is of 1080p quality at 30 frames per second which is the optimal and best experience one can get and relish and anything which is less than that is a sheer compromise. One has to decide to choose between a pet camera and a house camera. Instruments like Net Cam Indoor and Hive Camera provide services to have a check over the pets and have a 2- way communication conversation. These features are available in the home camera as well. However, some special features are offered by the pet cameras which are stated below.
· If we are at work or if we are away for a weekend, it can feed the pet without having to leave the place in a mess. It will be one of the best ways to interact with our pets while we are away from them.
· Cameras like Pawbo Munch have some built-in features for entertainment. It makes one speak to the pet using sounds, lasers, lights, etc. which will resemble a night party for dogs and cats.
· The best-suited cameras for dogs are Furbo while Pawbo Munch is for cats.

Petcube Bites
Petcube bites are a blend of home cameras and treat dispensers which are checked and assured by the partner app. The unit of the camera is fairly large and seems natural with metal finish. It’s got a good resolution of 1080p resulting in good quality even in dim light. The placement of these cameras will be a difficult job because of its shape. It is important that it is mounted in the wall having a smooth surface. You can rest it on some table or unit ensuring it stands still.

Furbo Dog Camera
It is a camera accompanied by a treat dispenser, which cannot be mounted on walls, and thus placements of these cameras become very tough. It is a 1080p camera with 160-degree field view and one-word facing lens. It’s got amazing features like night vision and two-way audio.

Petkit Mate
This has a rotatable camera moving through an angle of 340 degrees and has a field view of 110 degrees having 720p resolution. It’s got 2-way communication as well.

Some angels choose fur instead of wings. Pets bring out the good in us and provide us amazing company. Pets are loving, faithful and are sometimes the best of all friends too…!!