Various Methods to Avoid Tinea Pedis


Tinea Pedis commonly known as athlete’s foot is an infectious fungal disease that affects the upper layer of the skin on the feet. The infection is often found in athletes, and it sometimes spreads to the hands and toenails of the person if not treated properly. The contagion is not a severe disease, but at times it becomes challenging to heal. A person suffers from athlete’s foot when the tinea fungus starts developing in between the toes. You can quickly identify the fungal infection by touching the infected surface or by direct contact with the affected area. If you happen to be a diabetic patient, and you find fungal growth on your feet, you should immediately fix an appointment with the doctor and opt for Athlete’s Foot Treatment. Athlete’s foot mainly occurs when the areas between the toes become sweaty primarily due to tight fitting shoes. Check it out, the several precautions that you must take to avoid athlete’s foot.

Essential habits you need to adapt to keep away from athlete’s foot
The areas around the swimming pools, locker rooms and public showers are prone to develop a fungus that causes tinea pedis. As such areas have a moist and warm environment, there are high chances that people visiting these places may get affected by this fungal infection. If you are an often visitor to the pool in your locality or you take a shower after your gym, make sure that you are always wearing your footwear to avoid direct contact with the ground where this harmful fungus may be lurking.

Washing your feet regularly is among the simplest ways to keep your feet germ-free and healthy. You may often forget to wash your feet while taking a shower but that extra minute if you make to clean it thoroughly with soap and water, then you can keep yourself away from any infection. So do not skip cleaning your feet every day.

Not only shower and locker rooms, but tinea fungus can also grow in your shoes and socks. People experience sweaty toes who wear tight fitted shoes. The possibility of fungal infection in those people is often more than who wear shoes made of breathable materials. If you are an athlete and you run long distances, then it is evident that your feet will start to sweat very soon. In that case, ensure that you are wearing footwear that allows preventing moisture. Opt for shoes that are made of porous material and socks made of synthetic fibre to keep your feet healthy.

The use of antifungal powder can be extremely beneficial to cure athlete’s foot. If your feet become sweaty frequently, then the correct use of fungicidal sprays, cream and dust in the affected areas can relieve symptoms like burning and itching to a great extent. If someone in your family is already suffering from this deadly ailment, then the person must follow the aforementioned preventative measures to cure the disease. If the infection returns even after the treatment or continues to spread in the other areas, then you should visit a doctor and follow a strict medication till the affected area gets fine wholly.