The King Of Exercises To Build Leg Strength


A good football player is one who trains. An excellent football player is one who trains hard. Exercises, workout regimes and football equipment are all meant to create a stronger and faster player. A glance on articles on football will prove the hardcore life a player has to live. This piece will focus on the king of lower body exercise to build strength and stamina – the pistol. Also known as the one-legged squat; this exercise is even stronger than the barbell back squat. Let’s discuss in detail regarding the advantages and the importance of regular practice:

Continuous practice of the pistol can increase flexibility, balance and leg strength. Though challenging, the exercise has innumerable advantages when done correctly and with ease. The traditional back squat also has its benefits but with it come inherent problems. Because the legs contain the strongest muscles of a body, working them out need additional weights. To train the biggest muscle of the body one needs to use heavier weights as time passes. These heavy loads need to be balanced on our upper backs when performing a squat.

This crushing weight puts immense pressure on the spine. This force compresses the vertebrae of our backbone. This constant pressure can lead to problems like:
• Sciatica
• Muscle strain
• Lumbago
• Bulging hernia
• Completely herniated discs

By practising the one-legged squat, a player will not only bypass all these issues but also work on their coordination and leg strength. The exercise can also be used to increase the muscle mass of the legs, a common wish among players and men. A balanced, proportioned body is essential. Individuals who have skinny legs can use the weighted pistol variation of the one-legged squat to gain muscle mass in the lower-body. A weighted pistol exercise should be repeated eight to twelve times with a total of four sets.

Begin with a lower number of reps and sets increase as the stamina and mass builds. Another variation of the one-legged squat that helps create muscles in the legs is the body weight pistols. This variant should have just one set but with as many repetitions as possible by the person performing it. The routine should be done just two times a week. The goal should be to perform a number of repetitions in the body weight pistols every week.

The distinct advantage of the one-legged squat exercise is the strength it builds. The hidden advantage is that it gives you enough power to perform a back squat with a barbell that weighs as much as your body weight. Constant practice of the pistol will build enough stamina that it can be carried out with a weight in your hand. This is the only extreme workout regime to build lower-body strength without any probability of back injuries.

The pistol squat is an exercise that helps build maximum stamina of the legs. An exercise that does not require bulky equipment. An exercise that can be performed almost anywhere. What more can a player ask to up his game?