How To Buy The Perfect Wine Cabinet

Wine Cabinet

Do you need tips on purchasing a wine cabinet? You can find many ideas on and Here let’s have a discussion on some factors that will help you select a suitable wine cabinet.

Wine cooler vs. wine cabinet
You need a wine cabinet and not a wine cooler. The difference between the two is the way the temperature is maintained within. The wine cooler, as its name suggests, keeps the bottles fresh. The wine cabinet maintains the correct temperature, irrespective of the temperature outside.

Inadequate racking within the cabinet
The Standard wine racks normally have 3.25- 3.5-inch slots, which is enough for many bottles. However large bottles will not fit in these. So this is one factor you need to consider when you buy the cabinet. Check if the racking is sufficient. As you know the brands, you normally buy, check the size and dimensions of those bottles. Then make sure they will fit in the racking system present.

Inadequate insulation within the cabinet
If there is no proper insulation within the cabinet, you will be spoiling all that valuable money. Your drinks will be affected, and the entire concept of a home bar will be spoiled. Make sure that the wine cabinet is properly insulated .you should also check the quality of the insulation. Do not choose a low-quality insulation. It will cause more harm than good. So even if you spend a higher amount on a well-insulated wine cabinet, it will be worth the money you invest.

Installing a loud cooling system
The wine cabinet has to be working at all times. So make sure the cooling system is silent. If you get a noisy one, then you will be disturbing the peace at home. This has to be considered particularly if the wine cabinet is set near the living room.

Not checking your placement requirement
You may have decided that you will place the cabinet in a particular location. However, have you got the measurements of that place? Do you know if there will be enough clearance above and behind the wine cabinet? Every refrigerated cabinet needs to have clearance for the exhaust to dissipate. Similarly, there should be enough coverage on top to comfortably set your countertop. The bottles and glassware have to be set carefully without any damage. There should not be a suffocated space and arranging the home bar properly is vital.

Buying the product without going through the warranty documents
This is a mistake most people make. They are in such a rush to get things done that going through the warranty document is not on their mind. Never make this mistake. You have to go through the documents and make sure you are thorough in all the conditions. Know what makes you eligible for a replacement or free service. Understand if there is a provision for replacement if something happens during the installation or after that. Reading your warranty documents is a crucial factor.

Returning a shipment will also be costly as you will have to meet the expenses. So it is always better to take the proper precautions and set out to bring the cabinet home.